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NASA employs RFID on International Space Station

(10th February, 2011)

NASA’s Johnson Space Center announced that it has purchased RFID UHF handheld readers and associated peripherals from ACC Systems Inc. for a space flight inventory system on the International Space Station. The ACC570 UHF handheld readers were selected after extensive comparative testing of the major brands of UHF handheld readers on the market today. Items being tagged and tracked include such things as the astronauts and crew personal items (clothing, hygiene etc.), office supplies, food packages and medical supplies. Some of these are tagged at the bulk bag level, while others are tagged at the item level.

The UHF handheld readers and peripherals provided by ACC Systems are qualified to support program requirements; shielded such that they passed radiation testing and can accept a total dose of radiation exposure of 600 RAD (with 200 MeV protons) and zero-gravity (Zero-G) testing. They are also certified for an on-orbit lifetime of 10 years for International Space Station utilization as Next Generation RFID and Barcode Readers.
According to sources at NASA, ACC Systems, Inc. is the only company capable of meeting the NASA requirements, being able to produce the UHF handheld readers and other peripherals being procured for this project.


ACC Systems Inc. is an international Distributor, Manufacturer and OEM Supplier of RFID Readers, Tags, and Accessories to Systems Integrators, VARs and government agencies serving the Supply Chain, Healthcare, Asset Identification, tracking and Real-Time Inventory, ACC Systems Inc. is also the maker of the first Tri-frequency handheld reader.

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