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A.C.C Systems Introduces the First Portable Multi-Protocol UHF RFID Reader Supports Multiple EPCglobal Protocols and ISO Standards

(5th October, 2006)

The new ACC5200 Multi-Protocol UHF RFID Reader supports EPCglobal™ and ISO standards. It is hardware ready and firmware upgradeable to support the forthcoming EPCglobal UHF Gen2 protocol and International Standards Organization ISO 18000-6 in a single unit.

The product was developed to meet the multi-protocol UHF product guidelines associated with the RFID rollout mandates from entities including Wal-Mart and the US Department of Defense.

Multi-Protocol UHF RFID Reader Module supports EPCglobal, Inc. Class 0, 0+ and Class 1 standards. Additionally, the module has been designed to be hardware ready and firmware upgradeable to support the forthcoming EPCglobal, Inc. UHF Gen2 protocol and ISO 18000-6, thereby offering customers a “future proofed” solution, protection of their investments, and greater return on investment.

The ACC5200 offers a unique combination of features including wireless communications (both radio and phone), IrDA, Laser, GPS all of which lower the cost of mobile computing.

The robust ACC5200 is designed for heavy use. It’s water splash, dust resistant and shock resistant. The backlit alphanumeric keypad has 27 rubber keys, letters are entered by pressing two adjacent keys with the thumb of the holding hand. The easy-to-read backlit LCD-screen displays a maximum of 20 lines x 30 characters.

Low weight is important when a hand-held terminal is used all day. The ACC5200 weighs no more than 678 grams, including battery. It’s pleasant to hold and well-balanced.


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