Saturday, July 21, 2018

Triple Crown Tri-fecta only from ACC Systems Inc.

(19th August, 2010)

Summer 2010 – NASCAR asked and we responded to their need for a handheld RFID reader with three different frequency capability. The ACC573 is the first handheld RFID reader that can read and write to tags in three (3) different frequencies on command. In addition, the UHF RFID module spans the entire range from 864MHz to 954MHz for operation in virtually every country in the world. The HF 13.56MHz module can read the common non-proprietary tags (ISO15693, Mifare, etc) as well as the HID iClass products.

LF 125-134.2KHz common tags and HID Prox cards are no problem for the ACC573 Tri-fecta. In addition to RFID, a 1D laser or 2D imager is a standard feature. For wireless options, choose from 802.11 b/g, Bluetooth or GSM/GPRS. A camera with flash, GPS and a gun handle with an extra powerful 4400mAh battery are added features. Whether you need all three frequencies or only one, with the ACC573 you can be assured that you have the top of the line highest quality device to rely on for your RFID data transactions and at a very attractive price.


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