Saturday, July 21, 2018

Snapsportz Using Technology from ACC Systems

(10th December, 2012)

October 2013:  A.C.C. Systems, Inc. is proud to have assisted Snapsportz, Inc. in the deployment of a unique application in the world of RFID. Snapsportz has taken an industrial technology and applied it to the world of recreation. Since its inception, RFID technology has been perceived as the future of consumer grade retail experiences but we are yet to see the technology used in a consumer grade setting – until now. Snapsportz uses a patented process to capture high action photography (zip lining, skiing, snowboarding and other fast paced activities) and deliver directly to the consumer via retail and social media channels. For more information, visit Snapsportz website: SNAPSPORTZ   

SnapSportz Zipline Promo from ben kottke on Vimeo.

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